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A Better Way

Cernotics is a custom software programming and engineering design company with over 20 years of experience in banking, manufacturing, health & human services and new product development. Cernotics blends high standards for engineering, unwavering quality, and an innate ability to design solutions for the business world and everyday living. Offering a comprehensive line of services, Cernotics delivers everything from sophisticated computer software applications to complex mechanical devices. Their products improve workflows, solve challenging tasks, and streamline difficult processes.


Cernotics has aligned with a variety of organizations and partners who dream of ''what can be”.  They serve many industries and customer types including: information technology, medical, financial, entertainment, contracting, and manufacturing. Individuals also find help increasing their personal capabilities. Cernotics enables its customers to focus on the core competencies that make them successful.


To deliver tailored solutions, Cernotics analyzes the specific needs of each challenge then applies technical expertise, ingenuity, and a superior work ethic. Simply put, Cernotics' reputation is based on the ability to convert abstract concepts into real products for genuine results.


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Commitment to Customers and to Quality

With each client, Cernotics establishes a relationship based on a foundation of engineering proficiency, business management, and a desire to serve. This results in forming a bond that is akin to a ''partnership''. Discovering what is uniquely important to each client is key to delivering the right solution. Facilitating goals and achieving return on investment are built into the Cernotics process. Cernotics goes ''beyond the call'' to understand the needs of each client and how to deliver the perfect results.


The relationship between Cernotics and its clients is reinforced by a commitment to quality. Cernotics recognizes that the quality of each product affects, not only the clients, but the end customers as well. The quality of each product is paramount and it is Cernotics' signature.


To ensure that the highest standards are met, Cernotics is selective in the projects it takes on. Cernotics manages each project with care and does not overextend its resources. This ensures that commitments are met, the projects are managed properly, and products are delivered on time. Only finished products will leave the door. Each will be backed by Cernotics' guarantee of excellence and quality.


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Vision for Tomorrow

As new challenges arise globally and at home, Cernotics will evolve to meet and forecast the needs of tomorrow. Cernotics seeks to be a world leader of cutting edge business, medical, and military innovations, that provide health, peace, and security. In addition to ever growing areas of need, Cernotics will continue to create fun and enjoyment through art, music and entertainment products.


Cernotics strives to improve quality of life, strengthen the business community, enhance the human spirit, and honor God. The future is limitless, as are the opportunities for impact. Cernotics will continue to be among the few who define ''state-of-art''.


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